Focus and mission


  • Encourage dialogue between business structures;
  • Facilitate exchange of opinions;
  • Promote the interest of business.

Information support

  • Overviews of the current situation and prospects of development of Russian-Malaysian relations;
  • Analysis of political and socio-economy development in Malaysia;
  • Macroeconomic studies, analysis of separate economy sectors of Russia and Malaysia;
  • Analysis of the situation in monetary and financial markets, its development forecasts;
  • Information support and information supply for companies, interested to do business with Russia.


  • Assessment of financial activities and business reputation of Malaysian and Russian companies;
  • Assistance in searching for reliable partners in all business areas; 
  • Data collection (position of the enterprises in the market, their financial and legal transparency);
  • Analytical assessment of Russian and Malaysian companies for establishing joint ventures;
  • assessment of severity of financial risks;
  • assessment and analysis of rival's activeness, working out options and forms of competition; 
  • carrying out exertises and independent audit of business, scientific and technology projects.  


  • Research of the condition and prospects of development of Malaysian markets, classified by industries, types of products, technologies, etc.;
  • Study of issues related to the search for new markets for the sale of goods and services, the recommendations based on researches;  
  • Analysis of the situation in the Malaysian market in terms of promoting high technologies;  
  • Finding areas for effective and perspective investments;
  • Monitoring of the interests of partners in Malaysian/Russian market.


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