Scientific and technical cooperation

Opportunities for participation

Vision and Mission of the Russian Business Council for Cooperation with Malaysia:

  • Provide members of the Business Council comprehensive information support
  • Facilitate the promotion of Malaysian companiesí products in the Russian market
  • Develop direct contacts with Malaysian business structures, interested in expanding mutually beneficial collaboration with Russia
  •  Search for actual contacts in the partner business structures in the region
  • To create and use in favor of the members of the Business Council the information base of Russian and Malaysian business structures, interested in collaboration, as well as their current and future projects
  • Attract investments and new technologies to Russia and Malaysia from private and government companies
  • Organize and host informative events for Malaysian and Russian business circles                                                                                   

Focus and mission

Russia and Malaysia have high scientific and technology potential. Both countries have a long-term strategy of emphasizing practical application of advanced scientific achievements to speed up the economy and social progress. In connection with this, the role of government and private structures in forming direct business contacts and establishing business, based on the results of scientific research, development of high technologies and innovations

In order to create favourable conditions for interaction of interested Russian and Malaysian companies and corporations, a special Committee on scientific and technology cooperation was formed in the framework of the Business Council.

Main objectives of the Committee:

  • Informing companies and organisations in Russia and Malaysia about the launch of the science and technology cooperation program.
  • Finding government and private companies, willing to cooperate on a platform of the Business Council and Committee.
  • Coordination of the main directions of cooperation.
  • Compiling catalogues for science, technology and investments projects, as well as high-technology products and services.
  • Analysis of received proposals and preparation of expert reports, selection of projects and its coordination with potential partners from Malaysian/Russian side.
  • Organization of the meetings for cooperating sides in a form of forums/roundtables, etc.
  • Organization of the negotiation process, assistance in signing contracts.

The interaction of the Business Council with Malaysian government and private companies stipulates promotion new Russian technologies, creation joint research projects and programs on bilateral and multilateral basis, introduction of new technologies to particular manufactories, creation of suitable circumstances for establishing high-income Joint ventures, joint education programs and joint trade projects. Main directions of the scientific research, technology innovations and manufacturing activities, represented by the Business Council:

  • Aviation and aerospace technologies
  • Biotechnologies
  • Earth remote sensing
  • Oil & gas mining and processing
  • Computer & software support, IT technologies
  • Laser technologies
  • Timber industry
  • Machine building industry and metalworking manufacturing
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Forecasting, early warning and large-scale disaster preparedness
  • Marine technologies
  • Multimedia, TV and cinema industries
  • Ground, aviation and aerospace monitoring of natural and technological disasters
  • Nano technologies
  • Geoscience and mining
  • New materials and coatings, including composite materials and machinery for its production
  • New methods of preventive measures and
  • New technologies for automobile industry
  • New technologies for rescue systems and disaster recovery 
  • Water purification and Desalination
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Food industry
  • Optics
  • Nature protection and resource-saving technologies
  • Fertilizers manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Telecommunication
  • Ecology
  • Power and energy-efficient technologies, alternative energy sources

Committee on Scientific and technology cooperation of the Business Council, responsible for implementation of the cooperation, carries out selection of projects. We invite all companies (regardless of its legal status and form of ownership), as well as individuals, having required rights for the proposed project. Applications are accepted without limitations on the areas of scientific research, technology and manufactory, except for military and dual purpose projects.

Projects should be registered in the Business Council. After the registration it will undergo a scientific and technology, legal and linguistic expertise, done by the Business Council. Then, a brief description of the project will be presented to the interested party for making a decision. In case of the positive feedback, Business Council will organize a presentation and direct negotiation between parties. Information about all projects will be included in Business Councilís catalogues, that will be distributed among members of the Business Council and will be used for attracting potential customers. Relations between the Business Council and the applicant company are regulated by the agreement, that stipulates arrangement of the round table meetings, forums and meetings with customers.

BENEFITS for participants of scientific and technology cooperation program in the framework of the Business Council:

  1. Saving time searching for the desired technology and its developer.
  2. Easy access to information about top technologies, that are of interest to potential clients from both Russia and Malaysia.
  3. Assistance in finding business contacts, saving money for planning and organising of business trips, negotiations, preparing contracts with potential business partners.
  4. Assistance in legal registration of deals and intellectual property.


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