About Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world as well as it’s the richest in natural resources. There’s almost any mineral can be found in Russia: ores, rare earth metals, raw materials for fertilizers, biological resources, hydrocarbons — coal, oil, gas and shale rock. An endless boreal forest with timber resources and the world's largest clean drinking water reserves are also in Russia.

Despite the predominantly extractive character of its economy, 70 % of Russia is a virgin soil untouched by human hands. Russia has huge potential for further natural resources development.

The area of Russian Federation is 17 125187 square kilometers. Total borders’ length is 60 933 km (including 38 808 km of sea borders). The territory length from West to East is close to 10 000 km thus there are unique marine, rail and automobile "Europe-Asia" transport corridors. The population density of Russia is 8.53 pers/square kilometer.