Business Council for Cooperation with Malaysia

Business Council was established under the auspices of the Russian Chamber for Trade and Commerce in order to support the initiatives of the Russian companies aimed at promoting their goods and services in Malaysia.

The aims of the Council also include: promoting exchange of information between the business circles of Russia and Malaysia, promotion of interests of Russian business in Malaysia, organization of joint events, facilitating bilateral trade etc.

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Focus and mission of the Business Council

  • Encourage dialogue between business structures
  • Facilitate exchange of opinions
  • Promote the interests of business
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About Russian Federation

Russia is the largest country in the world as well as it’s the richest in natural resources. There’s almost any mineral can be found in Russia: ores, rare earth metals, raw materials for fertilizers, biological resources, hydrocarbons — coal, oil, gas and shale rock. Also, Russia is famous with its endless boreal forests with timber resources and the world's largest clean drinking water - lake Baikal.

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Business in Russia

Russian exports reach $528 billion, imports — $341 billion. Russian economy stability provides one of the lowest public debt levels in the world — less than 10% of GDP (7.9% for 2013). Russian consumption potential is high enough. By Indian standards, most of Russian citizens are well-off: in 2012 mean income was $7 000 per year. More than 5 million families have annual income over $30 000. There are more than 100 dollar millionaires in Russia. Trading, agricultural products supply, financial sector, remote services sector and tourism can be of interest for Indian business in Russia.

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