Bank of Russia to simplify Russian issuers’ entry on foreign markets

At the moment, two limitations are in place for floating and circulation of stocks on foreign exchanges.
The Bank of Russia will simplify the entry on international markets for Russian stock issuers. The relevant draft instruction was posted on the regulator’s website for public discussion.
"The Bank of Russia cancel limits for the stake of shares of Russian issuers, whose placement and public circulation are anticipated outside Russia," the Central Bank says.
Two limitations are currently in place for floating and circulation of stocks on foreign exchanges. Their total number should not be above 25% from the total amount of stocks of the same type and at the same time no more than 50% of the total pool of offered shares can be traded overseas. "Such limits were introduced in particular to reduce the outflow of trading activity from the Russian to international markets," the Central Bank said.
A consistent liquidity inflow for stocks with dual listing to the Russian exchange market has been observed recently, department director of the Bank of Russia Elena Kuritsyna said.
"We have now formed the reliable payment and recording infrastructure; advance technologies for exercise of corporate rights and participation of stockholders in global corporation action were rolled out. We expect cancellation of limitations will eliminate superfluous barriers and will be an extra driver for Russian companies to enter public share capital markets," she noted.