Economic collapse threatened Russia after start of sanctions, but it was averted - Kremlin

It was necessary to mobilize all resources and internal forces, Dmitry Peskov said.
The Russian authorities were able to prevent the economic collapse that threatened the country after the introduction of unprecedented sanctions in 2022, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin TV program.
"There was a threat of a collapse, we really had to mobilize all resources and internal forces in order to prevent this collapse," said the Kremlin representative, noting that the Russian economy was then hit by the burden of unprecedented sanctions.
"No country in the world has ever faced, and theoretically no country in the world is able to withstand such a blow," Peskov said.
He recalled that this happened after two years of the COVID pandemics, which was also a big blow to the economy. "Thanks to the rather insightful and wise decisions of the country’s leadership, thanks to the titanic work of the government, it was possible to reach a plateau, stabilize [the economic situation] and then, in an absolutely unexpected way, enter a growth trend," the Kremlin official went on.
In his opinion, everything was done for this purpose, but one could have hardly imagined that the current growth of the Russian economy now would by almost 3% and not 2%, as the European Commission predicted.
"Now, of course, the task is to maintain these growth rates, as 3% is an insufficient growth rate, it must be higher, everyone understands this, we need to compensate for many gaps," Peskov said.