State should expand decisions on business support Putin
"We have already made certain decisions, but if not everything works or does not apply to businesses like yours, then this should be expanded," the Russian president noted.
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Inflation reaches 7.42% in 2023 Bank of Russia
The price growth rate remains high for a wide range of goods and services for the sixth month in succession, the regulator noted.
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Russia to launch new national project on transportation this summer
It will have to ensure the prioritization of measures, based on the transportation and economic balance, the single core transportation network and the general development plan for the single core transportation network, Andrey Belousov noted.
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Far East, Arctic report 40% growth of visiting travelers minister
The share of tourist trips to the Arctic districts and to the Far East in the total amount of tourist trips inside Russia grew by 8.6%, Maxim Reshetnikov noted.
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Novatek increases gas production by 0.3% yoy to 82.39 bcm in 2023
The company's liquid hydrocarbon production increased by 3.6% year-on-year in 2023, to 12.37 million tons.
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Russias budget expenditures on national projects total 99% as of January 1 ministry
It is reported that execution of federal budget expenditures on the implementation of national projects as of January 1, 2024, amounted to 2.983 trillion rubles.
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Average maximal interest rate on ruble deposits moves to 14.79% in early January
The Central Bank of Russia said earlier that it would keep an eye on cases when the banks interest rate for ruble deposits is more than 2 percentage points higher than the average one for ten monitored banks.
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Annual inflation in Russia reaching 7.44% in early January economy ministry
The price growth in the consumer market slowed down during the first week of 2024 to 0.26%.
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Russian Finance Ministry to mainly float fixed yield bonds in 2024
The ministry is eyeing an option of offering yuan-denominated OFZ bonds for a long time.
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Unique New Year and Christmas celebration in Russia
Unique New Year and Christmas celebration in Russia.